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Medieval shield, sword and crown

The MacAllisters Scottish Influence.

From the moment you walk through the stone clad entrance you will be engulfed by the history of Scotland and golfing memorabilia. The combination of stonework, tartan plaid, murals of scenic castles and antique paintings will make your visit to MacAllisters Grill & Tavern a unique experience.

The 5,500 square foot restaurant features two spacious dining areas with a comfortable bar area and an overall seating capacity for approximately 250 guests, which includes 70 seats outside on the patio overlooking the Main Street fountain.

Each booth continues the theme by representing and describing a significant piece of history, place or person from Scotland. A story will unfold as you dine, and all around the restaurant, more and more interesting facts and anecdotes will become apparent.

The bar area within the restaurant focuses on the malt whisky trail and guests will have the opportunity to ‘visit’ every whisky distillery around the Scottish countryside. Over 60 malts will be on display behind the bar and a Malt Whisky Club is planned to help customers enjoy each brand of malt, and educate the members on the tasting notes of each.

Tartan plaid plays a large part in Scottish history. The overall Scottish atmosphere will be enhanced by the Black Watch tartan plaid aprons that the team members are wearing, plus the booth seats are covered in the MacAllisters plaid.

So why Sarasota for the Launch of MacAllisters Grill & Tavern?

Sarasota first became a “modern” town in the 1880s when the town was promoted in Scotland by the Florida Mortgage and Investment Company in 1885. It was a breath of fresh air, promising an abundance of fertile land, plentiful citrus groves, and affordable housing. Scottish families looking for a new start boarded steamer ships and set sail for Sarasota.

Unfortunately, upon their arrival, the town was little more than a frontier camp. Needless to say, most of them left. But among the hardy souls who stayed to complete their dream was John Hamilton Gillespie, a Scottish aristocrat, lawyer, and member of the Queen’s Bodyguard for Scotland. It was this man who is believed to have built America’s first golf course, right here in Sarasota. Quite an entrepreneur, Mr. Gillespie also built the upscale DeSoto Hotel on Main Street for tourists and prospective investors. For his efforts, he was later elected as Sarasota’s first mayor in 1902.

To this day there is a strong Scottish community in the Sarasota and Bradenton area through the various societies and clubs. The St. Andrews Society, the Caledonian Society and the Heritage Society to name but a few, have a large membership who help promote and maintain the traditions of Scotland within the area.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on any of the Societies please email info@macallisters.com and MacAllisters Grill & Tavern will be happy to assist you with any questions.

The Old Alliance

Scotland is a beautiful country waiting to be discovered by you and your family. Whether you are planning a golfing trip round the famous links courses or a sight seeing trip through the highlands and islands, planning ahead is key.

Listed below are some website links to assist you with your trip planner.

Visit Scotland – www.visitscotland.com

St. Andrews Golf Club – www.standrewsgolf.com

Golf Tours – www.murrayinternationalgolf.com

Soak up the spirit of the Scots